• Shri. Sarbananda Sonowal
    Hon. Minister for Ayush, Govt. of India
  • Shri V. Muraleedharan
    Hon. Minister of State for External Affairs,
    Govt. of India
  • H. E. Sunjay Sudhir
    Ambassador of India to UAE
  • Shri. Satish Kumar Sivan
    Consul General, Dubai
  • Vd. Rajesh Kotecha
    Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India


  • Shri. B. K. Singh
    Joint Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India
  • Dr. Satish Krishnan
    President – Science India Forum, UAE &
    Head of Neurological Surgery
    Al Qassimi Hospital Sharjah
  • Dr. G Geetha Krishnan, Editor, J-AIM


  • DG, CCRH
  • DG, CCRS
  • Shri. Praveen Ramdas, Nat. Secy, VIBHA
  • Shri. Vivekananda Pai, VIBHA
  • Shri. T. M. Nanda Kumar, Co-Ordinator, SIF GCC
  • Shri. Ranjit Puranik, WAF
  • Dr. Sunil Kumar, WAF
  • Shri. Chandrasekharan Nair, WAF

Advisory Board

  • Vd. Jayant Deopujari, Chairman, NCISM
  • Dr. Shekhar C. Mande, President, VIBHA
  • Dr. P. M. Varier, AVS, Kottakkal
  • Dr. E. T. Neelakandan Mooss, Vaidyaratnam
  • Advisor (Ayurveda), Ministry of Ayush
  • Advisor (Homeopathy), Ministry of Ayush
  • Advisor (Unani), Ministry of Ayush
  • Advisor (Yoga & Naturopathy), Ministry of Ayush
  • Advisor (Siddha), Ministry of Ayush
  • Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Managing Trustee, WAF
  • Dr. B. R. Ramakrishna, VC, S-VYASA University
  • Dr. Issac Mathai, Soukhya, Bengaluru
  • Dr. Anup Thakar, Director, ITRA, Jamnagar
  • Dr. Khurana, Chairman, NCH
  • Prof. Sanjeev Sharma, VC, NIA, Jaipur
  • Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishana, Advisor, AICTE
  • Dr. Ishwar Das, Former Advisor, Govt of India, Homeopathy
  • Director, NIH
  • Director, NIUM
  • Director, NIS
  • Director, Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga
  • Dean, BHU, Varanasi
  • Dr. Saifulla Khalid Adamji, Sharjah Health Authority
  • Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, President,
    University of Dubai
  • Shri. Siddarth Balachandran, CEO, Buimerc Corp, UAE


  • Shri. Mohan Das, Vice President, SIF, UAE
  • Josef Kleindienst, Chairman of Kleindienst Group and Chairman of The Heart of Europe
  • Dr. Jayesh Sanghvi, GHF

General Secretary

  • Dr. Shyam V. L., Dubai

Joint Gen Secretaries

  • Dr. Subhash Nair, Gen. Secy, SIF UAE
  • Dr. Srivalsa Menon, GHF


  • Dr. Prashanth (Ayurveda), Dubai
  • Dr. Lina Rathod (Yoga), Dubai
  • Dr. Prathibha Rajesh (Naturopathy), Dubai
  • Dr. Benazir Bux (Unani), Dubai
  • Dr. Lekshmi Sajith (Siddha), Dubai
  • Dr. Sreelekha Vinod (Homeopathy), Dubai



  • Shri. Narendra Bhagdikar, VP, SIF-UAE
  • Shri. Reji Punnoli, Dubai
  • Vd. Tanuja Gokhale, WAF
  • Vd. Prashant Tiwari, NASYA
  • Shri. Sajith Soman, SIF-UAE


  • Shri. Sasi Menon, UAE
  • Shri. Ambalavanan Palaniappan, Oman
  • Shri. Ajay Khimji, Oman
  • Dr. Ramshad Ahmed, Oman
  • Dr. Suresh, Dubai
  • Shri. S. Venkatesh, FOI, Dubai
  • Shri. Sanjay Mehta, Dubai
  • Shri. Krishnakumar U S, UAE
  • Dr. Indu Sekhar, Singapore
  • Dr. Siby C D, Malaysia
  • Dr. Soumyasri, SIF-UAE
  • Dr. Amit Bhasme
  • Dr. Ritu Manchanda
  • Dr. Alphonse D’Souza
  • Dr. Shiv Singh
  • Smt. Asmita Bhagdikar, SIF-UAE
  • Smt. Smitha Vinod, SIF-UAE
  • President, SIF KSA
  • President, SIF Kuwait
  • President, SIF Bahrain
  • President, SIF Qatar
  • President, SIF Oman


  • Dr. Pawan Kumar Godatwar, New Delhi

Co Chair

  • Dr. Vaneeta Shahani, Dubai


  • Dr. Suresh V, Ayurveda
  • Dr. Hridhya, Ayurveda
  • Dr. Rajan, Yoga
  • Sri. Sanjeev Krishna, Yoga
  • Dr. Naveen Visweswaraiah, Naturopathy
  • Dr. Parviz Rashvand, Naturopathy
  • Dr. Parvez, Unani
  • Dr. Asad, Unani
  • Dr. Arul Amuthan, Siddha
  • Dr. Halowine Coelho, Homeopathy
  • Dr. Sinsen Joseph, Homeopathy
  • Dr. Sumitra Ramachandran

Co ordinators

  • Dr. Jayesh Sanghvi, GHF
  • Dr. Amit Bhasme, India
  • Dr. Shiv Singh, India
  • Dr. Ritu Manchanda, Dubai
  • Dr. Alphonse D souza, Dubai


Shri Sarbananda Sonowal
Union Cabinet Minister,
Ministry of Ayush & Ministry of Ports,
Shipping and Waterways
Government of India


It is with great pride and pleasure that I look forward to the second International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition (IACE) to be held at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre. Since the first edition of IACE in 2017, the second coming together of AYUSH stakeholders in Dubai is taking place after a gap of over 5 years! The Covid pandemic held us apart in these intervening years. In that context, the second IACE holds enormous importance for all AYUSH stakeholders in this part of the world for the simple reason that the demand for AYUSH systems of medicine and treatment has been growing tremendously across the world, especially in this region.

Outreach activities like IACE would surely go a long way in helping AYUSH stakeholders reach out to residents of this region and vice versa and reap the wellness attributes of AYUSH systems of medicine benefitting all concerned. I am confident that the second edition of IACE will turn out to be one of the most significant events, which will carry forward the legacy of traditional Indian systems of medicine to the unreached thus far.

I congratulate the Science India Forum and the World Ayurveda Foundation for organising the event on a grand scale. I am sure, this will emerge as a powerful platform for the AYUSH scholars, students, policy makers and practitioners to congregate at the conference. This will serve as an update of the evolving trends in the practice of Indian medicine.

I wish the AYUSH Conference and Exhibition a grand success.

Sarbananda Sonowal

101, Ayush Bhavan, ‘B’ Block, GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi 110023
Tel. : 011-24651955, 011-24651935 Fax : 011-24651936
E-mail : minister-ayush@nic.in

Vd. Rajesh Kotecha
Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH,
Government of India


It has been the endeavour of the Ministry of AYUSH to reach out to all parts of the world to promote AYUSH system of medicines. The very fact that AYUSH medicines have been practised in India for thousands of years and is still going strong bear testimony to the efficacy of India’s traditional system of medicines.

India, from time immemorial, strongly believes that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. AYUSH is rooted in India. And India, with all humility, would like the whole world to reap the benefits of AYUSH from the wellness perspective. The International AYUSH Conference and Exhibition (IACE), to be held in Dubai, is a humble initiative towards that end.

The focal theme of the second IACE is ‘Non-communicable Chronic Diseases: Prevention and Management through AYUSH’. Since the first IACE in 2017, India has done considerable work on this topic through a number of R&D exercises. I am sure, research scholars and experts on area would be sharing their knowledge through this platform.

I have been informed that about 1500 experts and participants from India, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Europe, Australia and America are expected to take part in this conference. Exchange of information and knowledge among the participants is surely a great way to further strengthen and propagate AYUSH all over.

Being an Ayurveda doctor myself, I am eagerly looking forward to be a part of the second IACE, be amongst you during the event, and share whatever knowledge I have, and of course, learn from all of you too. I am also excited about the AYUSH Exhibition, wherein prominent AYUSH businesses will be displaying all their products, including the new ones.

I congratulate Science India Forum and the World Ayurveda Foundation for organising this conference. Wish you all the very best!

Vd Rajesh Kotecha




Consulate General of India, Dubai is delighted to extend its support for the 2nd International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition – Dubai, to be held from 13-15 January, 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

I congratulate Science India Forum for their persistent effort in promotion of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy at a global scale. I also thank the Ministry of Ayush and Ministry of Commerce for extending their support to the event.

Ayush offers a holistic approach oriented towards prevention of disease and promotion of health. Post Covid, we have seen resurgence of people’s interest in the science of Ayush not only in India but around the world. The theme of the Conference. “Non- Communicable Diseases Prevention & Management through Ayush will highlight the need for collaboration and cooperation of public, medical professionals, researchers and health policymakers.

I wish Science India Forum all the success in this noble endeavor.

Dr. Shekhar C Mande
National President
Vijnana Bharati


It has been the endeavour of the Ministry of AYUSH to reach out to all parts of the world to promote AYUSH system of medicines. The very fact that AYUSH medicines have been practised in India for thousands of years and is still going strong bear testimony to the efficacy of India’s traditional system of medicines.

I am extremely happy to learn that the second International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition (IACE) is going to be held in Dubai during 14–15 January 2024 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (IACE). Although it took over 5 years to hold the second edition of IACE due to various reasons, including COVID 19 pandemic, it does not take away the importance of this Conference in any way.

So much knowledge and wisdom have been generated over the past 5 years in AYUSH streams of medicine and second IACE remains the only platform available to stakeholders residing in this part of the world for sharing the same. To that extent, this conference holds high relevance to all stakeholders. Even the Exhibition will be a great source of information and knowledge related to new medicines and R&D developments in AYUSH.

I urge all stakeholders out there to not only take part in the Conference but also get the message out to the general public in that region. End of the day, India’s traditional system of medicine is for the benefit of humankind, wherever they are.

I take this opportunity to compliment the Science India Forum and the World Ayurveda Foundation for spreading the message of AYUSH in the Middle East through organising the event on a grand scale. May this platform flourish and be a source of information, knowledge, and inspiration towards spreading the message of AYUSH to all.

I wish the Conference and Exhibition a grand success.


Embassy of India, UAE is delighted to note that Science India Forum is conducting the 2 International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition-Dubai, to be held from 13-15 January, 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the patronage of Ministry of Ayush & Indian Consulate, Dubai. I congratulate Science India Forum for taking this initiative to disseminate the knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy in accordance with the vision of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

This Conference will bring together global AYUSH leaders and professionals as well as AYUSH friends and partners from around the world, to discuss the opportunities and challenges for AYUSH and to develop possible strategies to make innovative healthcare services to cater to the community. The theme of the Conference, Non-Communicable Diseases- Prevention & Management through AYUSH’ is a very relevant theme in the present time. AYUSH systems provide a more holistic approach to deal with Non-Communicable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, back pains etc. The theme also underlines the need for collaboration and cooperation of public, medical professionals. researchers and health policymakers

The Exhibition during the event will enable AYUSH businesses to showcase their services and products to an array of attendees, delegates and buyers. A large number of physicians, scientists, paramedics, researchers, product specialists, innovators, decision makers and trade visitors are expected to attend this AYUSH event. I am confident that with the growing health consciousness among the people of UAE & Middle East they will not miss the chance of meeting the specialists of AYUSH at Dubai

with the 2 Intonational AYUSH Conference & Exhibition Dubai, the very best and grand success like the edition in 2017 and call upon all AYUSH stakeholders, to take advantage of this unique event in Dubai.


A Healing Touch from India

Ayush is a medical system practised in India, which consists of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homeopathy. There is great curiosity for Ayush systems of medicine especially due to growing challenges in treating Non- Communicable Diseases (NCDs), lifestyle disorders, chronic diseases, multidrug-resistant diseases, the emergence of new diseases etc. Ayush medicines are cost effective, safe, and time tested.

The recognition of AYUSH systems by Government of UAE and a strong presence of 500 plus AYUSH practitioners across the United Arab Emirates vouch for the growing credence of AYUSH amidst Gulf nations. Dubai’s strategic location and connectivity to the other continents played a key role in the choice of venue. In November 2017, Science India Forum & World Ayurveda Foundation successfully organised the First edition of International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre with the support of Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India and under the patronage of Indian Embassy and Indian Consulate Dubai. 25 countries, 1000 plus AYUSH delegates and 25000 plus visitors attended the event.

We aspire that the second edition of the conference will be a stunning opportunity to build an efficient platform for communication and co-operation among the experts in the healthcare industry. The conference will bring together global healthcare leaders and professionals, researchers, and health policymakers from around the world, under one roof.


  • To outreach the benefits of AYUSH worldwide
  • To educate the public on the proper benefits and usage of AYUSH medicines
  • To inspire the AYUSH professionals to be exceptional physicians, educators and researchers of tomorrow
  • To facilitate policy makers & Government to integrating AYUSH to the main stream of healthcare delivery


AYUSH Research

Advance knowledge in AYUSH through innovations & discovery.

AYUSH Education

Exchange of AYUSH knowledge among professionals.

AYUSH Awareness

Improve awareness on the best AYSUH practice, products for wellbeing.

AYUSH Culture

To create an inspiring environment to learn, educate, work, and deliver the best AYUSH practice.

AYUSH Propogation

Encourage governments & policy makers to integrate AYUSH to healthcare delivery systems.

AYUSH Business

To encourage investment & trade of AYUSH products and services.



Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of diseases, but, is a complete way of life. This system of health stresses on the prevention of body ailments in addition to curing them.

For any inquires you can contact
Dr. Prasanth K Tayurveda@ayushdubai.org, Mob:+97152948 1183

Yoga & Naturopathy

The science of Yoga and its techniques have now been reoriented to suit modern sociological needs and lifestyles. Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognises the existence of the vital curative force within the body.

For any inquires you can contact :
Dr. Lina Barot Rathod, yoga@ayushdubai.org,
Mob: +971509145590
Dr. Prathibha Rajesh, naturopathy@ayushdubai.org,
Mob: +971507346691


Unani medicine, otherwise called Islamic Herbal Medicine is a Greko Arabic medicine. The treatment approach of Unani is to balance the imbalanced principles through a 4 fold approach; lifestyle modification, Diet therapy, Internal medicine and Regimental therapy


For any inquires you can contact :
Dr. Benazir Quraishi, unani@ayushdubai.org,
Mob: +971502688896


Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. According to the Siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role in health and in curing diseases. Varma therapy is traditional manipulative therapy of siddha for the treatment of physical injuries and musculoskeletal problems.

For any inquires you can contact :
Dr. Lekshmi Sajith, siddha@ayushdubai.org,
Mob: +971552891039


Sowa-Rigpa – commonly known as Amchi system of medicine is one of the oldest, living and well documented medical traditions of the world. The majority of theory and practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to “Ayurveda”.


Homeopathy is based on the principle – treat `like with like’, that is; a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses, can be used in small amounts, to treat those same symptoms. Indian Homeopathy stands as a strong arm of AYUSH India.

For any inquires you can contact :
Dr. Sreelekha Vinod, homeopathy@ayushdubai.org,
Mob: +97150426 5970

2nd International AYUSH Conference



Non-communicable diseases are a diverse group of chronic diseases. They are defined as diseases of long duration, generally slow progression and they are the major cause of adult mortality and morbidity worldwide. AYUSH systems – Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Sowa-Rigpa – can play an important role in preventing and combating Non-communicable Diseases. AYUSH systems understand the functioning of human body as a whole. AYUSH offers various methods to cure and prevent Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) by following lifestyle modification and dietetics, medications, and therapies. The goal of 2nd International AYUSH conference-Dubai is to bring to light AYUSH as an authentic and reliable health care system for the Non communicable chronic diseases. AYUSH is prevention-oriented, as well as curative; towards creating a disease-free society at a cost-effective way.

An intentional gathering of over 1500 experts from in the field from India, Middle East, Far East, Africa, Europe, Australia and America is expected for the conference.

Venue: Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Dubai


A destination in itself, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is the region`s largest events’ venue. Dubai World Trade Centre hosts more than 500 events across international trade fairs, mega consumer shows, and prestigious conventions and welcomes more than 3 million visitors from 160 global markets every year. Accessibility of the venue, world-class expo arrangements and active participation of the AYUSH followers are expected to enhance the footfalls. This AYUSH Exhibition is expected to be a comprehensive health fair on the entire AYUSH systems with participation from the following sectors:

120 EXHIBITORSfrom AYUSH pharma segment, practitioners, clinics, and hospitals of all AYUSH systems, AYUSH based service institutes and centers, research institutes and departments, laboratory equipment and machinery manufacturers, wellness centres & retreats, insurance companies, health tourism industry, herbal traders and medicinal plant cultivators.



Largest fair in traditional, complementary and alternative healthcare.

  • Unique standing in terms of scale, exhibit variety, buyer attendance, buyer distribution, business terminal and credit standing.
  • Actively supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.
  • Business opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of medicines, herbal products, cosmetics, medicinal plants and raw materials, herbal extracts, equipment, instruments, allied utilities, publications etc.
  • Mass media publicity
  • Business opportunities for service providers such as hospitals, clinics, consultancy firms, research outsourcing centers, production outsourcing companies, product development institutions, national and international universities and educational institutions, laboratories, resorts and spas, trade houses and knowledge bank services.
  • Diverse visitor profile including medical practitioners, students, marketing strategists, professionals and consultants, policymakers and diplomats, scholars, representatives of foreign business corporations, industry association and trade delegations from India and abroad, businessmen, manufacturers, retailers and general public.
  • Involves all trade and business association of national and international importance in this sector, and major government and private organisations.
  • Backed by the involvement and support of the entire AYUSH fraternity.


Science India Forum UAE(SIF)

Science India Forum UAE, (SIF UAE) is voluntary organisation formed and supported by professionals in the fields of science and technology, education, and a few philanthropists and prominent members of business community in the UAE. SIF UAE is supported on its educational front by the National Science Movement of India (popularly known as Vijnana Bharati) and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The events and programmes of SIF UAE are conducted in association with the Indian Embassy Abu Dhabi and Consulate General of India, Dubai. Science India Forum works with objective of promoting India’s rich scientific heritage to the world.

Ministry of AYUSH – Government of India

The Ministry of AYUSH was formed on 9th November 2014 to ensure the optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of healthcare. Earlier, it was known as the Department of Health, Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy, ISM&H which was created in March 1995 and renamed as department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) in November 2003, with focused attention for development of Education and Research in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. The Ministry focuses on upgrading AYUSH educational standards, implementing quality control and drug standardisation, improving the availability of the medicinal plant material, aiding research and development and generating awareness about the efficacy of the systems, within the country and overseas.

World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF)

Established in 2011, the World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF) is an initiative by Vijnana Bharati aimed at global propagation of Ayurveda. As part of a larger intellectual movement under the aegis of the Swadeshi Science Movement undertaken by Vijnana Bharati, WAF is a platform that would take Ayurveda to the world for all the benefits mankind can draw from traditional health sciences.

Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF)


The Global Homeopathy Foundation is a Non-Governmental organisation with the objective of encouraging evidence-based research and brings reliable scientific evidences in Homeopathy. GHF has been encouraging research in clinical, fundamental and drug research and also promotes mentorship with stalwarts in basic and applied science as well as with various streams of medical systems.

National Ayurveda Students &
Youth Association

NASYA, a national movement for Ayurveda was formed on 20th December, 2008 during 3rd World Ayurveda Congress at Jaipur. NASYA was formed to bring students and youths of AYURVEDA together to motivate them to do research, practice and propagate this science throughout their life. Thousands of students and youths from different parts of the country, declared in one voice their wholehearted commitment to spread the mission of NASYA.

Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA )

Vijnana Bharati or VIBHA is a national movement dedicated to the integrated development of Bharat through the intervention of science, engineering, and technology. Launched In 1991 by a group of thinkers and scientists, VIBHA has today 29 active units and 6 overseas units. Eminent scientists, academicians, policy makers and social workers are the torch bearers of this movement. VIBHA works towards rural development, technology transfer, and social empowerment so as to bring the fruits of advancement of science and technology for the benefit of the society.


2nd International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition 2024, Dubai

SIF Event Management Office, Office No: 36C, Unique World Business Centre, AI Karama, Dubai.


Dr. Shyam VL | +971506381722 | conference@ayushdubai.org
Shri. Regi Punnoli | +97152 979-8684 | expo@ayushdubai.org
Shri. Mohandas K V | +971566814702 | marketing@ayushdubai.org

To set a stall at Expo

Mr. Reji Punnoli, expo@ayushdubai.org; Mob: +971529798684
Mr. Mohandas K V, sales@ayushdubai.org; Mob: +971566814702
Travel assistance
Mr. Vishnudas K, travel@ayushdubai.org; Mob: +971585802994

Travel partner

Satguru Travels India POC
Ms. Monica, tripsaver@satgurutravel.com; Mob: +918233211262
Satguru Travels UAE POC
Ms. Aswathy, tripsaver@satgurutravel.com; Mob: +971553031646


World Ayurveda Foundation
# 6 (new #22), Sankey Road, Lower Palace Orchards, Bengaluru 560003.
India Ph: ( +91 80) 4214 0442
Email: info@ayurworld.org


Shri. Chandrasekharan Nair K A | M: +91 9880945178
Vd. Tanuja Gokhale | M: +91 9765383735
Email: info@ayurworld.org | arogya@ayurworld.org

Vijnana Bharati

A 4, August Kranti Marg, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi – 110049.
Phone +91 11 41040846.


Shri Vivekananda Pai  Phone +91 98950 20301


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